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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are not a registered orthopaedic practice but offer our specialised services within the confines of our expertise to the industry. We only do corrective shoes under the direct instruction and specification of a qualified professional.


We make custom shoes and lasts to fit any clients foot no matter what shape or size. Our shoes are 100% handmade and have the same look and feel of an Italian shoe.



Lasts are the form around which the shoes are made and these have to be adapted to the clients foot. Pricing is dependant on the extent of the deformation of the foot. Currently we do our lasts by hand and should a custom last be needed it would cost in excess of R 3000 for a pair. Should we be able to get away with adjusting an existing last due to only minor alterations this wcost will only be in the vacinity of R1000.

We will be getting a 3D foot scanner shortly and will be able to reduce these costs considerably.


The pricing on footwear are dependant on numerouse factors such as leather and materials used, complexity of the styling and if both feet are the same or different.

Footwear average form R2000 for a simple sandal to R 5000 for a pair of shoes.

Some of our latest jobs:

2015/05/25 - Mens shoe with 5mm footbed allowance and provision for deformed foot. Customer was unable to find any other shoe which could fit him after a failed operation. Full italian finished leather uppers and linings and leather sole and insole.

An investment for a lifetime.

Price charged R 5000



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