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Posted by: Cannabisproviders on 12/19/2017 12:21 AM

Cannabis is regularly prescribed for nervousness and melancholy. In any case, for individuals who experience the ill effects of these things, an excursion to a nearby dispensary – if there is one – can feel like a bad dream:

To ensure that the highest quality of concentrates are being produced and made available to patients, SC Labs offers collectives and concentrate manufacturers a Residual Solvent Test (RST). By testing for Residual Solvents, we are able to ensure that the producer’s concentrate process is sound, not only verifying that the producer has used a high-quality solvent, free of impurities and toxic odorants, but has also followed a proper purging process (i.e. vacuum, desiccation, etc.) Utilizing a combination of Gas Chromatography/FID, Head-space analysis, and Mass Spectrometry, SCL is able to identify all of the most commonly used solvents and trace residues of chemicals in the process of extracting Revelation Online Caninoid.

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