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About US


The Julonetix group was established to provide a platform from which South African product. To achieve a good foundation to build this on we have been working on the three pillars to make it happen over the last four years namely education, product development and product management.

Contrary to the harsh capitalistic models currently prevailing in the world, the FIS model proves that financial sustainability can be created by simply contributing to the welfare of the people around you. This model is based on the tradition African value system of Ubuntu, and also to not take more than you can put back. The company is driven by individuals that have proven and sound business sense, and believe that what this company stands for will be a model followed by Africa in the future.

We are an incubator of shoe factories catering for the complete process from uplifting and skills development to the mentoring and continual support of our people in order to positively impact communities in Africa.

We understand Africa and we understand its people. We have created a unique system which caters for this environment and its needs to uplift, feed, clothe and educate our children. Without this, Africa will be engulfed by the modern world and be a memory of the past. We therefore believe in protecting the heritage of Africa, keeping families, tribes and cultures together in order to create a suitable environment for its children to grow up in.

Apart from obvious additional key figures, our team currently consist of many like-minded partnerships. Operations are run by self-made businessmen with a record of incubating over 600 businesses and creating over 4000 jobs. Glyn Giani a leading shoe developer and entrepreneur from whom the idea was born and who had brought the company to this point spear heads this project. Leading business minds and business coaches are aligned to head mentoring of incubated companies.

We also have a philosophy of partnering with like-minded companies creating an environment where parties co-operate in synergy to support and uplift each other so that all can reach their goals.

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